Making A Winning Real Estate Purchase

You’re in the market for the perfect property, so be prepared to look beyond the coat of paint that might be hiding structural problems. Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when you’re shopping for real estate so that you get top value for your dollar.

When you visit a property, look up … at the roof. A roof in good condition is more than a decorative element; it is the ‘shield’ that protects the structure below from moisture and pest damage. If you see any sign of sagging roof or uneven or loose tiles or shingles, take that into consideration. Of course, this is an area that you will expect your home inspector to evaluate, but by looking at the roof closely during your visit, you can determine whether this is a property worth further interest, or not.

There is more value to an updated kitchen than simply having the latest offerings from the showroom. With updated equipment and materials in your kitchen, you can expect to have lower utility costs, optimal operation, ease of upkeep and improved use of space. For example, an older stove can prove to be temperamental, with burners that are slow to heat up or an uneven heat disbursement in the oven. Does it work? Yes, but you will probably face constant frustration with it, until you finally are forced to replace it. Purchasing a property with an updated kitchen and bathroom will probably save you money in the long run.

You might be thrilled to see basement space in a property you are viewing, and imagine all the fun you’ll have there playing pool or watching your large flat screen TV. Try to retain your objectivity though when you tour the basement space so you don’t overlook signs of mold or water damage. An odor of mildew can be a sign that the space isn’t properly protected from moisture. Brown discoloration on the walls, around baseboards or on the flooring are telltale indications of previous water damage. The signs that you see there are proof that there can be extensive damage in the walls and floorboards.

The integrity of the electrical wiring, panels and outlets in the property is more than a convenience; it can put you and your family at risk if it isn’t installed properly. Since you might not be able to see whether the electrical system is up to par, unless you see obvious problems like exposed wiring or loose outlet covers, it is important to get an expert inspection by a home inspector.

While all the things listed above deserve your serious consideration, remember that there are other features that might detract from the the appeal of the property, which are actually not a problem because they are ‘easy fixes’. For instance, paint color. Paint is one of the easiest, most cost efficient ways to enhance the beauty of a home. So if you’re turned off by the zebra stripes coating the guest bedroom walls, don’t let that sway you away from purchasing the property if it is structurally sound and located in the neighborhood you want.

The tips in this article from Daintree Residence will help keep you focused so that you can be confident in shopping for your perfect property. Look for the features that have the most value, and you can look forward to finding the real estate that meets all your needs now and into the future.